BGL offers top quality residential and commercial landscaping in a timely manner and provides 100% customer satisfaction

About Us

Better Green Landscaping Consultants LLC of Jonesboro, McDonough, and Peachtree City, Georgia, was established in year 1997.  Under the guidance of the company’s original founder, my father Willie Harris, I took on his vision as Owner/Manager after his decision to retire.  I am a 2006 graduate of Miles College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  My background is comprised of five years of experience in the pest control industry with former employers, Massey Services Inc. and Terminix International.  My educational and professional backgrounds have helped me develop a very strategic focus on clients and relationship building.  Customer service is at the core of what we stand for at Better Green Landscaping.  We pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions with special attention to detail for each project we take on.  Our unwavering commitment to our clients matched with the core values of providing excellent service with integrity, makes Better Green Landscaping a leader in the industry.  With over 20 years of experience in lawn care and maintenance, and a commitment employee for Better Green, we are committed to the satisfaction of each client, each project, guaranteed.

My Philosophy

Decide Beforehand

Decide before summer heat and drought conditions arrive, to either water lawns consistently as needed throughout the season, or let lawns go dormant as conditions turn warm and dry. Do not rotate back and forth. In other words, don't let the grass turn totally brown, apply enough water to green it up, then let the grass go dormant again. Breaking the lawns dormancy actually drains large amounts of food reserves from the plant.

Spread the Water Uniformly Across the Lawn

Sprinklers vary in distribution patterns, and require spray overlap for uniform coverage. Placing coffee cans or similar straight-sided containers on the lawn can help measure water application rates. Avoid flooding areas, or missing other spots. On heavy clay soils and slopes, watch for excessive runoff; it may be necessary to apply the water in several applications to allow for adequate penetration.